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C CO 122nd Signal Bn

Call sign: Casey 3-9er

In the Middle of Warrior Country a small group of Soldiers atop the largest hill in the Second Infantry Division Area of Operations

keep the Second Infantry Division talking

Because of the mountainous terrain of Korea normal FM transmissions are impossible without relaying or

retransmission of the FM signal, The Soldiers of C Co 122nd Signal Bn  provide FM Retrans

to all the major command elements of the 2nd Infantry Division and provide NRI (Net Radio Interface) support

allowing soldiers in the field to access land-line via FM radio




Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System

one of the primary means of communication in the Second Infantry Division





NCO Billets and The Army's Smallest Chow Hall" overlooking a southern skyline
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The access road to Hill 754 and the alternate helipad
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Barracks and the Bunker
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Front gate
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Antenna Farm
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Hill 754 from the helipad
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during winter months this is often the only way on and off the hill







Helipad as it looked 1972











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Hill 754 Crew 1993-94

PFC Cutler PV2 Gash SFC Peters PFC Stephens SPC Dennard

PFC Clark SPC Stoebner PFC Applebee SPC DiMillo





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Standing in the middle of the "Time Warp"

a large draw at the base of Hill 754



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"Buddy" the hill mascot





Hill 754 Maps

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Aeronautical Map

(elevation is shown in feet)


 1953 Topographical map of Hill 754


Map of  Hill 754 area

Hill 754 Compound Map

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Google Earth Images of Hill 754

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Calling cards

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Hill 754 Headgear



Some old  photos of Hill 754 I found on Webshots
date unknown
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Hill 754 as it looked in 1972

notice the access road wasn't paved yet


a few photos of Camp Casey
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Some Photos of Tongduchon
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Rules of Hill 754

1. Must have pride in appearance.

2.Must be willing to help.

3.Has no record of ass-kissing.

4.Must be able to follow hill rules

5.Must be trustworthy and never stab others in the back.

6.No big-headed power trippers.

7.Must be willing to give up sex, drugs and alcohol.

8.Must be physically and mentally fit.

9.Must be able to adjust to constructive criticism no matter what your rank.

10. Must be able to stand on your own, Why? Because we get the job done!








SGT Johnny DiMillo

Welcome back from Kuwait!




Hill 754 Videos!!!

Thanks to Scott Mogilefsky for posting these videos of life on Hill 754


Clip 1


Clip 2









Hill 754 in the news

1971 Indianhead newspaper article featuring Hill 754


1992 Soldiers Magazine article featuring Hill 754


2001 Stars and Stripes article featuring Hill 754


2001 article written by Lt. Dan Reilly

Hill 754 Retrans Platoon leader 2001-2002






Photo Contributions




photos Chris Guidry took during his time on Hill 754





photos Danny Davis took during his time on Hill 754



Some super photos Jim Rogers took during his tour back in 1954-55

(notice there are no buildings)

Read more about his time on Hill 754 Here





Scott Mogilefsky's Photos w/ some great photos of when the Dallas Cowboy Chearleaders came to give the guys on the hill a visit






Josh Strand's Photos








Joe Zindorf 127th Signal Bn 




I would like to sincerely thank all of the following contributors


Randy Cooper
Hill 754 Resident 1971-1972


Dan Reilly
Hill 754 OIC 2001-2002


Marc Lobue
Hill 754 Resident 1993-1995

Joe Marsden
Soldiers Magazine

Chris M. Guidry
Hill 754 Resident 2000-2001

Danny Davis
Hill 754 Resident 1991-1992

Jim Rogers
Hill 754 Resident 1954-1955

Scott Mogilefsky
Hill 754 Resident 1995-1996

Josh Strand
Hill 754 Resident 2005


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